About Us

About Us

Our company, MoneyMoon was founded in 2005, we’ve been actively analysing financial markets since 2006. Our analysis and statistical reports in the press and media channels have helped thousands of investors to find the right investment tools in a vast and almost impenetratable securities market. Over the years financial institutions and private investors have regarded our personalised bi-monthly magazine called Premium Inside as a compass in their financial decision making, while our Interactive Private Portfolio Assistant (IPPA) tool proved to be a useful information source for private portfolio management, both of which resulted in more active and loyal customers.

MoneyMoon’s passion is high quality of data, we constantly monitor the incoming data-flow to check on anomalies, unfortunately there are many small inaccuracies (in Hungary) that alter the real performance, risk factor and other key statistical measures if not corrected. (Many of the market participants do not allocate sufficient resources for data supervision.) The collected data is used to create 100% objective products rankings for the institutions and our private clients alike. We believe that our approach to high quality market data is really unique since unlike at MoneyMoon, the official financial news in Hungary are many times made from data that is not corrected, which makes the conclusions and prognosis slightly distorted thus the public gets misinformed. We are aware that supervising an ever-growing data-flow requires proper human and IT resources for every market participant, that is why we have created a special tool that makes data quality control and as a result relevant prognosis and peer group statistics possible. Nothing similar exists in the market today, not even in Europe to the best of our knowledge and experience.

Besides constant data quality control and evaluation we have created a system that is capable of monitoring the capital-flows, which makes a one-of-a-kind benchmarking attainable for market participants. (I.e.: Is change in a fund’s performance reflected in capital-flows? Does being able to see that give us an insight into the quality of fund management?) Moreover we have a ranking function built into the monitoring system that makes objective classification and audit easy to achieve. According to our track records, MoneyMoon’s strategy based on the monitoring of capital-flows have resulted in our modelportfolios’ overperforming the benchmarks by 11% points annually!

Since our company’s inception in 2006, we have ranked over 700 Unit-Linked Mutual Funds as well as Pension Funds, 1000+ Investment Funds and 1500+ passive Exchange Traded Product funds (ETF, ETN, ETC), the latter has become really popular for investors lately. In 2012 we have developed mobile applications for the iOS system and this helped thousands of investors and financial advisors in their daily decision making. We are proud to take notice that our exclusive B2B solutions and benchmarking statistics have helped our business partners and their clientele a great deal.

Our mission is to bring about real win-win situations by providing the investment world with our market and peer group analysis tools in order to define a common denominator for the private investors and the financial professionals.