Over the last decade we’ve been gathering and evaluating relevant financial market data in certain financial sectors. With our objective and transparent statistical approach we’re able to help financial institutions benchmark their products’ performance - relative to the products’ volatility - thus their respected clients get a clear picture of what a given portfolios’ diversification is based upon. We’ve been evaluating, ranking and performing peer group analysis of over 1000 Hungarian and foreign investment funds, 700+ Hungarian Unit-Linked Mutual Funds and Hungarian Pension Funds as well as 1500+ currently very popular passively managed Exchange Traded Products (ETF, ETN, ETP) of Europe. (We only rank products within their respective categories since comparing and apple with a pear never shows relevant information.)

Since 2011 we’ve been awarding the best performing investment vehicles and their fund managers in our annual MoneyMoon Awards ceremonies and we’re honoured to observe that for many institutions our objective evaulations have become a reference point even in their PR communications.

The winner portfolios of the MoneyMoon Awards keep doing very well year after year thus indicating that the set of combined criteria (performance / volatility / sharpe) used for product and market evaluation as well as our ranking method stands the test of time.

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